Cyberdemic Will Continue

A halo effect from the pandemic with remote working and supply chain disruptions gives cybercriminals opportunities for attacks, so the ‘cyberdemic’ is expected to continue, says the ‘2022 Experian Data Breach Industry Forecast.’ The report says 2022 is on pace to be a record-breaking year for data breaches. Remote or hybrid work and the IT infrastructure required to support these constantly shifting patterns – both in the corporate office and in the home – mean vulnerabilities that emerged last year will only become more acute in the one to come. Other driving forces include natural disasters and broken supply chains. Natural disasters will drive more donations to aid organizations and both donors and people in distress will see an increase in phishing attempts masked as charitable giving. This will be complicated by broken and unreliable global supply chains that will make the sourcing of important emergency goods difficult – another vulnerability that hackers will look to exploit. Michael Bruemmer, global vice-president of Experian Data Breach Resolution, says, “Cybercriminals have honed in on pandemic disruptions this past year so security professionals need to shore up security protocols and have data breach response plans in place – especially for ransomware – should a breach occur.” While there has been a 17 per cent increase in data breaches over the past year, most troubling is that ransomware has doubled in frequency in 2021.