Platform Connects Buyers With Brands

Lightspeed Commerce Inc., a commerce platform for merchants, has developed a system that will aid the modern retail ecosystem by bridging the merchant and brand experience to help in addressing supply chain challenges in the industry. The NuORDER by Lightspeed platform will empower merchants and consumers to avoid future delays in the ‘last mile’ of global supply chains – where the right products need to be available, for the right customers, at the right time. The platform directly connects buyers and brands with its user-friendly interface to help retail buyers make data-driven decisions, collaborate with vendors, and expedite the go-to-market process. This technology is designed to help eliminate waste and inefficiency in retail and help overcome supply chain delays. Lightspeed recently acquired NuORDER to help create a bridge between the merchant and brand experience by simplifying product ordering for retailers and offering brands crucial insight into how their products move.