Retailers Should Participate In Digital Sales Policies

With eCommerce continuing to grow, retailers should take the opportunity to have their voices heard and work with government to help it make good decisions on digital trade, invest in the right infrastructure for the future, and shape better policies,” says the Conference Board of Canada. It says that data on the value of cross-border eCommerce is fragmented and limited, with official statistics struggling to capture and reflect the size of exports and imports of digital trade facilitated through large intermediaries to track the cross-border movement of data. Incomplete data about the size, trends, and impact of cross-border digital trade means that governments do not have the full picture. And it’s not limited to domestic policy. Increasingly, bilateral and regional trade agreements have digital trade clauses around eCommerce or cross-border digitally delivered services. The Conference Board says that with eCommerce increasingly critical for the retail sector, the Canadian government has an opportunity to design policies that promote the interests of both Canadian consumers and businesses.