Almost Half Of Shoppers Don’t Complete Online Purchases

Nearly half (48 per cent) of shoppers that initiate the checkout process on an eCommerce site are abandoning it before completing their purchase, says a survey by Bold Commerce. On mobile, 58 per cent abandon their purchase after proceeding from cart to checkout, before completing their order. Furthermore, the study says 41 per cent are more likely to review or edit their checkout. On mobile, single page scrolling checkouts see lower checkout completion rates (41.6 per cent) than progressive multi-page checkouts (44.7 per cent). Also, with zero shipping fees, checkout completion rates are at 56 per cent on desktop and 45 per cent on mobile. Additionally, PayPal remains a top digital payment choice for shoppers, accounting for 38.7 per cent of all orders. “If the checkout isn’t optimized, it doesn’t matter whether shoppers get there, they simply won’t complete their purchase,” says Yvan Boisjoli, chief executive officer of Bold Commerce.