Manufacturing Sales Rise For Second Straight Month

Manufacturing sales rose for a second consecutive month in November, rising 2.6 per cent to $63.1 billion, led by the primary metal, petroleum, and coal product; non-metallic mineral; and food product industries, says Statistics Canada. Sales in the wood product sector were $3.65 billion, an increase of 5.3 per cent year-over-year. The survey says flooding in British Columbia disrupted supply chains across western Canada which had moderate impacts on manufacturing activities. Specifically, the floods impacted 28.1 per cent of manufacturing plants in November, mainly through disruptions in transportation (21.5 per cent) and shortages of raw materials (13.7 per cent). The lost sales due to the floods were estimated at $372.1 million in November, while the largest impacts were in the wood (down $90.7 million) and paper (down $60 million) product industries. Manufacturing sales increased in seven provinces in November, led by Quebec (up 6.7 per cent. Saskatchewan (down 3.8 per cent) posted the largest decline. Total inventories increased 1.2 per cent to a record high $100.8 billion in November and the total value of unfilled orders rose 0.4 per cent to $95.8 billion, primarily due to higher unfilled orders of machinery (up 2.7 per cent) and computers and electronics (up 3.2 per cent).