Chat Strengthens Customer Experience

Almost all customer service executives (99 per cent) recognize benefits to using chat with customers to bolster customer experience and drive revenue and growth for their businesses, says a report from Clickatell, a global chat commerce company. Chat commerce uses a chat or messaging app to make a purchase, get a service, or request support. Chat commerce provides seamless and secure engagement and transactions that allows representatives to support customers along their entire path to purchase, while also encouraging the opportunity for increased sales, says Pieter de Villiers, co-founder and CEO at Clickatell. However, many customer support teams still use antiquated processes, such as sending a bill or invoice (60 per cent) or taking credit cards (53 per cent). De Villiers says these teams would benefit by using chat-to-pay technology. Benefits cited from using chat with customers includes faster response times, ease-of-use and convenience, improved customer satisfaction, lower risk of fraud, and increased customer engagement.