National Model Codes Updated To Reflect Safety, Environment

The introduction of encapsulated mass timber construction to allow for the construction of wood buildings up to 12 storeys tall is one of 400 additions and changes to the ‘2020 National Model Codes.’ The amendments represent an updated set of model construction codes that will make Canadian homes and buildings safer and more accessible, while responding to climate change. The new codes include the ‘National Building Code of Canada 2020,’ the ‘National Fire Code of Canada 2020,’ the ‘National Plumbing Code of Canada 2020,’ and the ‘National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2020.’ Other highlights include adjustments to the minimum dimensions of building elements to accommodate people using a wider variety of mobility devices; a tiered energy performance compliance path which incrementally improves energy efficiency at each successive tier; and the introduction of whole-building airtightness testing as an option for complying with air leakage requirements. Code users can download the codes and review the changes that apply to their work. Current provincial and territorial building, fire, plumbing, and energy regulations will remain in effect until the 2020 codes are adopted, with or without modifications, by the provincial or territorial authorities having jurisdiction. For more information, visit the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC).