Millennials Want More Kitchen Technology

Advances in-home technology is changing the way designers think about kitchen design and the expectations of their client base, says a report from the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). As a result, designers will need to find a better way to understand and communicate with Millennial clients and help provide appropriate technology products that match them with their lifestyles. Millennials, ranging in age from 26 to 41, are an increasing percentage of the remodeling and home-buying client base compared with Gen X and Boomers. They may have less-expensive projects now, but they are gaining economic strength and rising in their careers, so their disposable income is growing, says the report. Further, this is the first generation of ‘digital natives’ who understand how to use technology to make their lives easier, more convenient, and efficient. They firmly believe that tech is essential in kitchen design. The study says that kitchen designers must level up on design-plus-technology to remain relevant with this consumer base. It finds that only 30 per cent of designers currently integrate technology into kitchen projects.