Habit Discontinuity Causing Changes For Businesses

Adjusting to a global case of habit discontinuity that has developed over the course of the pandemic is key for companies when looking to modernize their work and customer experiences, says Rocky Ozaki, founder and CEO of the Now of Work, a business transformation firm. Speaking at the Retail Council of Canada’s (RCC) ‘STORE 2022,’ Ozaki said the global pandemic caused a global case of habit discontinuity where consumers as a collective have begun to challenge and change how they think they should be spending their time and money. This is causing major shifts around the world in terms of the relationship consumers have with businesses. “This is why brand loyalty is on the demise. This is why there's a great resignation happening throughout North America and even throughout Europe and into Asia,” said Ozaki. “It’s because we challenge our assumptions and we realize that things the way they were may not be the way we want them today.”