Renovations Decreased Post Lockdowns

With the bulk of the restrictions and lockdowns over, fewer Canadians are renovating, says Aviva Canada's second annual ‘How We Live Report.’ In the last year, 11 per cent of Canadians improved their home space through renovations, compared to 17 per cent the year prior. Changes to the backyard remain the most popular upgrade. Homeowners are, however, spending roughly the same amount on renovations year-over-year. In 2021, homeowners who renovated spent an average of $4,500, just $25 less than the average spend in 2020, with those in Ontario spending almost double that of other provinces. Of those who renovated, Canadians working from home spent on average $1,000 more. They spent three times as much adding a playroom to their home, compared to those who returned to the workplace. Not all home improvements were planned for Canadians as 14 per cent of those who renovated say they renovated their home on impulse during the pandemic. Some homeowners regret renovating, saying they didn't use the space as much as they expected (eight per cent) and spent too much on renovations (seven per cent). Homeowners also enjoyed buying things for their homes, with 47 per cent of Canadians purchasing home décor during the pandemic, followed by 43 per cent who bought new cooking equipment, and 41 per cent who purchased new technology for their home. Eighteen per cent say they made impulse purchases.