Retailers Must Ramp Up Emotionally Positive Experiences

Positive emotional experiences can help retailers build trust and loyalty with their customers. This is a key performance indicator (KPI) that should be on business radars as consumers say their experiences are not as good as they used to be. In fact, customer experience (CX) quality among Canadian brands has dropped following three years of stability, says Forrester’s ‘Canada 2022 CX Index.’ At the pandemic’s start, Canadian brands were able to adapt quickly and transform digital experiences in response to changing customer needs. However, 24 per cent of Canadian brands in this year’s index struggled to maintain CX quality over the past 12 months, based on Canadian customers’ perceptions of 101 brands surveyed. Unfortunately, retailers declined in this year’s rankings. The data says emotion is the most important dimension of CX quality across industries as it shapes customer trust and engenders brand loyalty. Brands that were ranked in the elite category – the top five per cent of brands in the entire CX Index – delivered more than three times as many emotionally positive experiences for customers compared to other brands. In contrast, customers of the lower ranking brands, including retail industries, reported slightly fewer instances of feeling respected, valued, and appreciated ‒ the most impactful positive emotions. The report says factors such as supply issues, staffing shortages, and rising costs are contributing to Canadian brands’ problems providing customer experiences at the same level as prior years.