Big Box Retailers Join Forces To Fight Crime

The fight against counterfeit and stolen goods has brought together Home Depot and Lowe’s under the flag of the Buy Safe America Coalition. They, along with the National Association of Wholesalers, Distributors, Plumbing Manufacturers International and the Power Tool Institute, will take part in the coalition, joining existing members including Walgreens, CVS Health, Ulta Beauty, and Philips. Retail theft has worsened in recent months as more Americans shop online amid the COVID-19 pandemic and criminals take advantage of the anonymity allowed on these platforms by selling counterfeit and stolen goods to unsuspecting consumers. Transparency is the key to making it harder and less profitable to market and sell illicit goods online and making it easier for law enforcement to take on the most egregious offenders. The coalition is urging U.S. Congress to pass the INFORM Consumers Act to modernize consumer protection laws by requiring online marketplaces to collect and verify basic seller information and having sellers provide that information to consumers.