Businesses Finding Bright Spots Amid Pandemic

Most businesses are finding bright spots amid the gloom of the pandemic, says research from Robert Half. The research says 85 per cent of senior managers in Canada have improved operations or pursued new opportunities as a result of COVID-19. Forty-three per cent redesigned job roles, 38 per cent moved forward with digital transformation, 39 per cent enhanced an existing service, 28 per cent adopted a new business model, and 28 per cent launched a new product line or service. “Because of the pandemic, many organizations in Canada were forced to rapidly change their business model in order to continue operating,” says David King, Canadian senior district president of Robert Half. “This includes reassessing staffing needs and determining new ways to deliver customer value.” In most cases, digital transformation has become a necessity for companies whether that be the incorporation of new and emerging technologies, adapting existing business models, or launching new services and initiatives to both maintain and generate new streams of revenue. The research says that while change can be daunting, organizations are realizing its many benefits. Benefits include more frequent communication from leadership, improved collaboration within and across teams, more efficient processes resulting in faster turnaround times, and more innovation.