Canadian Government To Invest In Housing

In an effort to build a stronger and more resilient Canada, the government of Canada will make substantial investments in housing for Canadians, said Julie Payette Governor General of Canada in the ‘2020 Speech from the Throne.’ The investment is just one part of a set of foundations the government plans to implement. It will add to the historic National Housing Strategy announced in 2017 by increasing investments to rapid housing in the short term and partnering with not-for-profits and co-ops in the mid- to long-term. For the middle class, the government will also move forward with enhancements to the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive, including in Canada’s largest cities, so families can afford to buy their first home. “Housing is something everyone deserves and it’s also a key driver of the economy,” said Payette. “Construction projects create jobs and having a home is critical so people can contribute to their communities.” As part of its plan, the government says it will create thousands of jobs retrofitting homes and buildings that will also address climate change, cutting energy costs for Canadian families and businesses.