Canadians Getting Creative With Living Space

As Canadians attempt to juggle their lives in the midst of a global pandemic, they're discovering creative ways to balance their busy schedules and lifestyle needs from home, says TD's ‘Real Estate During COVID-19 Survey.’ Since the start of the pandemic, Canadians have needed to use their living space more creatively. Most Canadians are watching TV (63 per cent) and cooking from home (54 per cent) far more than they used to as they adapt to staying in and forgoing other indulgences, like travel and entertaining, says the survey. However, as they spend more time at home, they’re finding what were previously considered ‘cozy’ nooks are not ideally set-up for work or exercise. In fact, nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of working Canadians surveyed say their living space isn't designed for them to work from home on a regular basis, while three in 10 Canadians (29 per cent), say they don't have enough room to exercise. Despite the increased demands Canadians are making on their living spaces, very few (three per cent) have gone ahead and purchased a new house, vacation home, or property since the pandemic hit. That said, more than one in 10 claim that they are considering a home purchase in the future, as a result of the pandemic. While most Canadians seem to be staying put, more than one-third (37 per cent) have completed or are planning to complete significant home renovations or repairs to accommodate their new lifestyle. In addition, 45 per cent of Canadians surveyed have either purchased or are considering major purchases of furniture, electronics, or appliances to accommodate their new situation.