Consumers Interested In Cleaner Stores

More than 70 per cent of consumers would feel comfortable visiting brick-and-mortar retail stores within two months of the end of the national emergency, says a survey of U.S. consumers by ICSC Research. However, when they do return to stores, they're interested in seeing frequent cleaning/sanitizing, with 62 per cent of consumers interested in more hand sanitizer and disinfecting cloths, 49 per cent interested in staff wearing masks and/or gloves, and 48 per cent interested in measures that facilitate social distancing. The survey shows there could be significant pent-up demand as well. About 70 per cent of consumers say they will make purchases they had planned but could not complete because of the pandemic. As well, 62 per cent of consumers either do not plan to cut back on spending or will cut back for only five months or less.