Digitized Permits Can Kick-start Economy

Adoption of a harmonized and digitized ePermitting system would help municipalities speed-up the approval processes for new housing builds in the province, says the Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON). The organization says a report by the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis supports this theory and shows that an additional 33,100 homes could be built in Ontario above and beyond current baseline trends over the next five years if the development approval processes were reduced by six months. A six-month reduction in the approvals processes could also result in an additional contribution of $4.5 billion to Ontario’s economy annually by 2025 and support 40,500 jobs. Over a 20-year period under the same scenario, it would result in 175,700 more units, 145,600 additional annual jobs by 2040, and $17.2 billion in additional annual GDP in Ontario.