Duplex Nailer Can Drive 1,200 Nails Per Charge

Metabo HPT’s battery-only cordless Duplex Nailer is the manufacturer’s newest addition to the MultiVolt system. The nailer features Metabo HPT’s Air Spring Drive System and 36V MultiVolt battery and is capable of driving up to 900 16D 3 1/2-inch duplex nails per charge using the included 2.5Ah MultiVolt battery. For longer days, it can be powered by the 4.0Ah MultiVolt battery driving up to 1,200 duplex nails on a single charge. The nailer accepts 6D, 8D, and 16D plastic strip collated duplex nails. The tool features a brushless motor for longer runtime, increased power, and extended durability with essentially no maintenance and doesn’t require ramp-up time.