ell Made Here Moves Up Website Project

The Well Made Here/Bien Fait Ici program is moving up its project aiming to transform the ici-here.ca website into a transactional platform. “The deadline must be brought closer because the health crisis has accelerated the popularity of online business,” says Richard Darveau, president and chief executive officer of the Quebec Hardware and Building Supply Association (AQMAT), and chairman of the board of directors for Well Made Here. The project will be an experiment with a virtual marketplace that respects existing stakeholders (retailers, banners, distributors, and manufacturers) and will serve a dual qualitative objective – the promotion of local buying via closer relationships between complementary companies, and the acceleration of the end‐user delivery phase for hardware items or construction materials through a coherent and efficient virtual infrastructure and transparent logistics. “In due course, we will be asking the government of Canada for financial support and recognition,” says Darveau. “We believe that the timing is in our favour. The government must help economic recovery and consolidate the manufacturing fabric of the country while helping retail businesses that have established themselves in our towns and villages.”