IKEA Canada To Highlight Sustainability

This Black Friday, IKEA Canada will put sustainability at the core of its offer, highlighting products, services, and solutions that are better for both people and the planet. In lieu of door crasher deals, it will invite Canadians nationwide to sell-back their gently-used IKEA products, offering up to double the sell-back value via in-store credit during the campaign period. In addition, the retailer will make sustainable living more accessible and affordable through sustainable product offers that help save water, energy, and waste, furniture donation drives, special promotions for 'As-Is' products, and inspiration in-store and online on how to extend the life of second hand IKEA furnishings. "On one of the biggest shopping days of the year, we want to change the conversation from one of mass consumption to mass circularity and show how sustainable living can be easy and affordable for everyone," says Melissa Barbosa, head of sustainability at IKEA Canada. "This Black Friday, we will redefine savings by inspiring and enabling Canadians to save not only money, but also water, energy, waste, and resources."