Lightspeed Offers Subscription Payment Services

Lightspeed, an omnichannel commerce platform provider, now offers subscriptions, a module that allows local retailers using Lightspeed Payments in North America to collect recurring revenue through their POS. The module provides retailers an innovative tactic to build customer loyalty and future-proof their business. Nearly half of consumers will fundamentally change the way they shop as a result of COVID-19, with 34 per cent indicating they would pay more for local products. Coupled with an increase in demand for subscription boxes and services driven by the global pandemic, Lightspeed Subscriptions equips independent businesses with a vital sales strategy as consumers use their holiday dollars to shop local and support their communities this gift-giving season. Retailers can sell subscriptions that will regularly replenish a buyer's favourite products or surprise customers with new specialty items every month. Other businesses like gyms or spas can offer subscriptions that grant consumers access to regular services or exclusive rewards.