Mobile Coupons Can Entice Customers

While 65 per cent of consumers are shopping more at Amazon and less at their favourite stores, research from CodeBroker shows 75 per cent of survey respondents indicated that mobile coupons and special offers are key to bringing them back inside and online at their usual shopping destinations. ‘Consumer Shopping Habits During The COVID-19 Pandemic’ found retailers can also encourage shopping by making shopping safe by requiring mandatory mask-wearing in stores; offering high-value mobile/digital coupons; and providing free shipping on returns. The key takeaway for retailers hoping to drive sales and retain customers long term is the role digital coupons can play in prompting consumers to choose them rather than Amazon. “The results suggest opportunities for retailers to compete against online retailers like Amazon through both physical and online channels,” says Dan Slavin, CEO of CodeBroker, a developer of mobile marketing solutions. “As retailers grapple with ways to protect and build business during and after the pandemic, considering the role that high-value coupons delivered via mobile can play in their marketing efforts holds significant promise.”