Orgill Anticipates More Growth In 2021

Boyden Moore, president and CEO of Orgill, expects more growth in 2021. Speaking at its ‘Evolution’ event, which is replacing its fall dealer market, he said, “We specifically did not want to call this a virtual dealer market as we feel that it's really a stretch to think that we might somehow pull off what happens to the dealer market in any kind of virtual way. We named it ‘Evolution’ specifically because we built new technological and eCommerce tools to facilitate this event.” It has over 1,000 vendor booths and more than 9,500 registered customers. He said some of the trends driving the increase in the industry will continue with an increased share of consumers’ wallets who are investing in their homes and home improvement. As well, existing home sales ??? which are 85 per cent of all home sales ??? were up 8.7 per cent year over year in July, with housing starts up 23 per cent. “These are very positive trends for our customers,” he said. They are also seeing increased do-it-yourself activity as consumers have more time at home and fewer options to do other things. Many of its customers and brands have experienced growth far in excess of what the big boxes have reported, which he also called “impressive.” Orgill believes its dealers earned new customers who have either discovered or re-discovered their local hardware store. “We're seeing return visits of new customers anecdotally, but also analytically by tracking them on loyalty programs. We believe that we're going hold on to those new customers,” he said.