Remodelers Struggling With Supply

The rising cost of lumber and disrupted supply chains continue to affect nearly all areas of the remodelling and home renovation industry in the U.S. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has found that 77 per cent of surveyed remodelers are running into a framing lumber shortage, 65 per cent report windows and doors shortages, and 63 per cent are short on plywood. It says 17 per cent of remodelers report having a serious shortage for all three of these materials. As well, 40 per cent of remodelers report shortages for four other materials: millwork (45 per cent), plumbing fixtures and fittings (44 per cent), trusses (43 per cent), and cabinets (41 per cent). However, few remodelers report shortages on clay brick (10 per cent), concrete brick and block (11 per cent), steel (lightweight for framing) (12 per cent), and structural insulated panels (SIP) (12 per cent).