Retail Human Resource Role Changed Permanently

Business continuity, flexible work arrangements, employee communications, and implementing preventative measures have always been important priorities for human resource (HR) professionals in the retail sector. However, delivering on them in a crisis situation requires a unique set of skills and experience and it’s something few, if any, organizations were prepared for, says JRoss Retail Recruiters. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the way retailers operate and manage their workforce is changing permanently. The need to be ready for the post-COVID ‘new normal’ and successfully manage the transition adds another significant layer of complexity to HR planning, while reinforcing the need for strong change management capabilities within the HR team. Based on its client base and experience in the field, JRoss has identified some in-demand skills companies need in HR professionals today. These include the ability to thrive on challenge and change; creativity to manage people, systems, and resources to deliver on specific organizational goals; and understanding of the relationship between employee engagement, customer loyalty, financial performance, and shareholder value. Ultimately, it is important to link the HR professional with the business strategy and requirements.