Shopify Launches Tools For Small Business

Shopify Inc. has launched a number of tools for small businesses to help them in areas like finance, retail, and shipping to navigate an ever-evolving retail landscape and plan for the future amid COVID-19. Among the tools is Shopify Balance, which will give merchants access to financial products. It includes a balance account, card, and rewards with no monthly fees or minimum balances. Shop Pay Installments is a 'buy now, pay later' option merchants can offer to customers at checkout. Local Delivery is a tool that allows merchants globally to define a local delivery area and set fees and minimum order prices. As well, the Shopify Fulfillment Network, which launched in 2019, has graduated from its early access stage, and is actively accepting merchant applications. It allows merchants to join, scale, and evolve their fulfillment strategies through its growing partner network. The company has also increased options for merchants to customize their online stores. It will soon launch Shop, a direct-to-consumer app and personal shopping assistant, and has launched Facebook and Instagram Shops allowing merchants to build branded versions of their online store on these channels.