Task Force Focuses On Economic Recovery

The government of Canada has launched the 'Task Force for a Resilient Recovery,' an independent group of finance, policy, and sustainability leaders that will provide recommendations to encourage a resilient economic recovery after the economic slowdown that resulted from the COVID-19 crisis. The task force will spend the next eight weeks developing actionable recommendations on how governments can help get Canadians back to work while also building a low-carbon and resilient economy. The fourteen task force members are backed by eight expert advisors, including reputed business and finance experts and research organizations Smart Prosperity Institute and the International Institute for Sustainable Development. The team will look at and assess a variety of potential recovery investments. The scale and scope of Canada's job losses will demand thoughtful approaches, with special care targeted at Canada's oil producing regions and at the service sector. The task force will consider both immediate actions and longer-term investments that can support these and other parts of Canada's economy.