TELUS Launches Social Media Campaign

TELUS has launched the #StandWithOwners initiative aimed at supporting Canadian small businesses and their owners through direct revenue, marketing, and expert advice as they face challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has committed $500,000 to the social media campaign in direct revenue, marketing, and expert advice to support, promote, and celebrate small business owners. The platform encourages Canadians to create posts on social media highlighting a small business, use the hashtag #StandWithOwners, and tag @TELUSBusiness. In return, nominators are eligible to receive a $25 digital gift card to use at the selected business on behalf of TELUS. The communications company is engaging industry experts and leading Canadian entrepreneurs like Arlene Dickinson for their support. In the coming weeks, it will launch a series of interactive online discussions where small business owners can ask questions, share advice, and discuss best practices on how to manage business uncertainty.