Weyerhaeuser Launches Sustainability Strategy

Weyerhaeuser Company has launched a sustainability strategy for the next decade and beyond that will focus on three critical challenge areas: climate change solutions, sustainable homes, and helping rural communities thrive. The company says it is committed to making tangible progress in these three areas by 2030 as part of its new ‘3 by 30’ initiative. Some actions involve continuing and strengthening existing work while others involve engaging new partnerships and stakeholders, and driving innovation in new areas. As part of the strategy, Weyerhaeuser will support the development of forest carbon markets and accounting, including committing to set a companywide, science-based greenhouse gas reduction target that aligns with the goal of limiting global warming to less than 2°C. It will promote the use of mass timber and other innovative wood-building materials, including helping to ensure sustainable building standards and tools include science-based assessments of wood products. As well, it will improve its overall Giving Fund strategy by implementing a community resource assessment process that supports community strengths and identifies greatest needs for investment.